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Version: 2.5

Debug Mode

Basic Debug Mode#

Enable basic debug mode just by setting apisix.enable_debug = true in conf/config.yaml file.

e.g Using both limit-conn and limit-count plugins for a /hello request, there will have a response header called Apisix-Plugins: limit-conn, limit-count.

$ curl -iHTTP/1.1 200 OKContent-Type: text/plainTransfer-Encoding: chunkedConnection: keep-aliveApisix-Plugins: limit-conn, limit-countX-RateLimit-Limit: 2X-RateLimit-Remaining: 1Server: openresty
hello world

If the information can be delivered via HTTP response header, for example, the plugin is in stream subsystem, the information will be logged in the error log with warn level.

Advanced Debug Mode#

Enable advanced debug mode by modifying the configuration in conf/debug.yaml file. Because there will be a check every second, only the checker reads the #END flag, and the file would be considered as closed.

The checker would judge whether the file data changed according to the last modification time of the file. If there has any change, reload it. If there was no change, skip this check. So it's hot reload for enabling or disabling advanced debug mode.

hook_conf.enablerequiredEnable/Disable hook debug trace. Target module function's input arguments or returned value would be printed once this option is enabled.false
hook_conf.namerequiredThe module list name of hook which has enabled debug trace.
hook_conf.log_levelrequiredLogging levels for input arguments & returned value.warn
hook_conf.is_print_input_argsrequiredEnable/Disable input arguments print.true
hook_conf.is_print_return_valuerequiredEnable/Disable returned value print.true


hook_conf:  enable: false # Enable/Disable Hook Debug Trace  name: hook_phase # The Module List Name of Hook which has enabled Debug Trace  log_level: warn # Logging Levels  is_print_input_args: true # Enable/Disable Input Arguments Print  is_print_return_value: true # Enable/Disable Returned Value Print
hook_phase: # Module Function List, Name: hook_phase  apisix: # Referenced Module Name    - http_access_phase # Function Names:Array    - http_header_filter_phase    - http_body_filter_phase    - http_log_phase#END