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Version: 2.7

Batch Processor

The batch processor can be used to aggregate entries(logs/any data) and process them in a batch. When the batch_max_size is set to zero the processor will execute each entry immediately. Setting the batch max size more than 1 will start aggregating the entries until it reaches the max size or the timeout expires.


The only mandatory parameter to create a batch processor is a function. The function will be executed when the batch reaches the max size or when the buffer duration exceeds.

idoptionalA unique identifier to identity the batch processor
batch_max_sizeoptionalMax size of each batch, default is 1000
inactive_timeoutoptionalmaximum age in seconds when the buffer will be flushed if inactive, default is 5s
buffer_durationoptionalMaximum age in seconds of the oldest entry in a batch before the batch must be processed, default is 5
max_retry_countoptionalMaximum number of retries before removing from the processing pipe line; default is zero
retry_delayoptionalNumber of seconds the process execution should be delayed if the execution fails; default is 1

The following code shows an example of how to use a batch processor. The batch processor takes a function to be executed as the first argument and the batch configuration as the second parameter.

local bp = require("apisix.plugins.batch-processor")local func_to_execute = function(entries)            -- serialize to json array core.json.encode(entries)            -- process/send data            return true       end
local config = {    max_retry_count  = 2,    buffer_duration  = 60,    inactive_timeout  = 5,    batch_max_size = 1,    retry_delay  = 0}

local batch_processor, err = bp:new(func_to_execute, config)
if batch_processor then    batch_processor:push({hello='world'})end

Note: Please make sure the batch max size (entry count) is within the limits of the function execution. The timer to flush the batch runs based on the inactive_timeout configuration. Thus, for optimal usage, keep the inactive_timeout smaller than the buffer_duration.