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· 6 min read

In the previous sharing, we brought you the application of cloud at the Ingress level. This time, we will introduce you to the current cloud application examples under the public network gateway scenario, hoping to bring you some practical Apache APISIX scenarios to share in the cloud storage industry.

· 8 min read

This article is compiled from a presentation given by Yanshan Chen from China Mobile Cloud Competence Center at ApacheCon 2021 Asia. By reading this article, you can learn how China Mobile Cloud is developing and improving and updating its products based on Apache APISIX to create a better mobile cloud object storage.

· 9 min read

This article is a lecture note from the speech given by Xin Xu, an engineer in charge of internal container platform of Tencent Games, at the Apache APISIX Meetup - Shenzhen. By reading this article, you can not only learn what a gateway is and how the gateway model improves the traditional service architecture, but also understand the reasons for the birth of Tencent OTeam and how Apache APISIX is implemented inside Tencent.