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Webinar | APISIX in QingCloud! Open source and cloud native projects accelerate enterprises digital transformation

· One min read

on January 28th,the Apache APISIX community is joining forces with the QingCloud to bring you an online sharing session.

Meetup Post

Topic 1: API gateway to the cloud, how to define a good API gateway#


Qing Liu, Product Manager of QingCloud API Gateway

Lian Zhai, Architecturer of QingCloud API Gateway

Topic Details#

  1. Why does the API gateway cloud solve the pain points of users
  2. How do we understand and define a good API gateway product
  3. Important product features, functions and application scenarios of QingCloud API Gateway

Topic 2: Running Apache APISIX in the Hybrid Cloud#


Wei Jin, API7 Engineer, Apache APISIX PMC, Apache APISIX Ingress Controller Founder

Topic Details#

  1. Apache APISIX integration with various public clouds (plug-ins and real-world applications)
  2. Architecture and practice of Apache APISIX under hybrid cloud
  3. The practice of Apache APISIX in public cloud

How to participate#

Scan the code to follow Apache APISIX's video account below. We look forward to meeting you on the afternoon of January 28th!

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