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Biweekly Report|1.1-1.16 Feature Highlights Update in Progress

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From 1.1 to 1.16, 29 contributors submitted 81 commits for Apache APISIX. Thank you all for your contributions to Apache APISIX. It is your selfless contribution to make the Apache APISIX project better!


Apache APISIX has grown as a community from the first day of open source and has quickly become the most active open source API gateway project in the world. These achievements cannot be achieved without the joint efforts of our community partners.

"If you want to go fast, go alone.If you want to go far, go together." The Apache APISIX Community Weekly Report hopes to help community members better understand the weekly progress of the Apache APISIX community and and facilitate everyone to participate in the Apache APISIX community.

We have also compiled some issues suitable for newcomers to the community to participate in! If you are interested, don't miss it!

Contributor Statistics#

Contributors List

New Contributors

Good first issue#

Issue #6078#


Issue description:

Use plugin redirect for http_to_https,the browser access unlimited 301.The reason I found is that our APISIX behind a proxy that responsed for decrypted the TLS and proxied always HTTP scheme to APISIX. Let's see the redirect plugin code:

if conf.http_to_https and ctx.var.scheme == "http" then-- ignoreend

It will makes the redirect loop apparently. The resolution is patching this plugin just like:

local proxy_proto = core.request.header(ctx, "x-forwarded-proto")local _scheme = proxy_proto and proxy_proto or ctx.var.schemeif conf.http_to_https and _scheme == "http" then-- ignoreend

Issue #5915#


Issue description:

Suppose I have two fields, include_resp_body as the switch, resp_limit_size as the limit size. After configuring these two parameters, if resp_body exceeds the size of resp_limit_size, resp_body will not be recorded in the log. The same is true for req_body.

We can truncate oversized request and response bodies based on limit size.

Highlights of Recent Features#

The Apache APISIX project website and the Github issue have accumulated a wealth of documentation and experience, so if you encounter problems, you can read the documentation, search the issue with keywords, or participate in the discussion on the issue to put forward your own ideas and practical experience.

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