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Webinar | From API to Database: A Comprehensive Solution to Perform Online Load Test on Your Distributed System

· 2 min read

On January 15th, the Apache APISIX community is joining forces with the Apache Shardingsphere community to bring you an online sharing session.

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The Secrets of CyborgFlow: How 3 Apache Top-Level Projects Jointly Built a Stress Testing Project#


Sheng Wu, Apache SkyWalking Founder

Topic Details#

In this speech, we will introduce CyborgFlow, a stress testing tool jointly released by Apache ShardingSphere, Apache Skywalk and Apache APISIX. We'll share: - What is CyborgFlow?- How do the three Top-Level Projects Work Together to Create the Tool that Supports Full-link Stress Testing- How to Use Cyborg to Centralize Full-link Flow and Data Analysis and Decrease Costs- How to Use CyborgFlow to Maximize Data Asset Analysis and Managemenet Speed

Apache APISIX Ingress:Facilitates Database Migration to the Cloud#


Jintao Zhang, Cloud Native Specialist,Apache APISIX Committer,Kubernetes ingress-NGINX Reviewer

Topic Details#

  • What are the Pain Points Faced by Cloud Databases?
  • Apache APISIX Ingress & Observable Database Proxy
  • How Apache APISIX Ingress Empowers Cloud Databases

Apache ShardingSphere Shadow DB & Its Application in CyborgFlow#


Yang Hou, SphereEx-Middleware Engineer, Apache ShardingSphere Contributor

Topic Details#

  • Apache ShardingSphere Shadow DB's Architecture Design
  • Application Scenarios for Apache ShardingSphere Shadow DB- Shadow DB's Data Routing Capability in CyborgFlow

Apache APISIX: Multiple Database Protocols Support & Observability#


Jinchao Shuai, Engineer, Apache APISIX PMC Member

Topic Details#

  • Apache APISIX Introduction and Architecture Design
  • Apache APISIX Observability Capabilities
  • Apache APISIX's Multiple Database Protocols Support (xRPC)
  • Apache APISIX: Network Traffic Analysis Application Scenario and Multi-Language Support Ecosystem

ShardingSphere's DistSQL:based Distributed Database Management#


Chengxiang Lan, SphereEx - Engineer & Apache ShardingSphere Contributor

Topic Details#

  • An Introduction to DistSQL
  • DistSQL Application to Different Business Scenarios
  • DistSQL Application to Database Management

How to participate#

Scan the code to follow Apache APISIX's video account below. We look forward to meeting you on the afternoon of January 15th!

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