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Webinar | Apache APISIX × Apache RocketMQ Online Meetup

· 3 min read

On December 26th, the Apache APISIX community is joining forces with the Apache RocketMQ community to bring you an online sharing session.

Meetup post


Apache APISIX: Keeping Low-Bar for Devs#


Yuansheng Wang, Apache APISIX PMC, co-founder & CTO of

Topic Details#

In recent years, open source projects have emerged from the ground, and a variety of open source products are bursting with power. Ecology is starting to become the moat of open source projects. How to choose the right track is perhaps the question that open source leaders should start to consider afterwards.

This talk includes a detailed introduction about Apache APISIX, through which you can fully understand the features and ecology of Apache APISIX, as well as the active community atmosphere.

The O&M Practice and Governance Path of Xiaohongshu Messaging Middleware#


Yihao Zhang, R&D engineer of Xiaohongshu's messaging middleware, responsible for the R&D and governance of Kafka and RocketMQ in the company.

Topic Details#

The overall convergence of Xiaohongshu's messaging middleware is late. Facing the huge business volume and complicated historical issues, Xiaohongshu still needs to be prepared in other aspects at the business level.

In this talk, we will discuss the following issues, such as how to disassemble the operation and governance direction to meet the high stability requirements in a short period of time, what issues need to be paid attention to in the subsequent business process to improve the cluster visualization, operation and traceability, and the future planning of Xiaohongshu's internal messaging middleware direction.

WASM-based Multi-Language Plug-in Solution for Apache APISIX (Lightning Talk)#


Zexuan Luo, Engineer, Apache APISIX PMC

Topic Details#

In this lightning talk, we will demonstrate how to run Go and Rust code inside Apache APISIX by way of WASM.

This talk will provide a repeatable understanding of WASM, including its advantages and limitations, and how to introduce WASM into your own system.

The road to canary release and cloud-native governance for Zhengcaiyun messaging middleware#


Lin Zeng, the person in charge of Zhengcaiyun infrastructure platform, mainly responsible for the company's cloud-native, blockchain, artificial intelligence, middleware and other technical directions

Topic Details#

This sharing will introduce how RocketMQ helps Zhengcaiyun companies to cope with the complex cloud and island hybrid cloud scenario of government procurement business.

This presentation will provide a full understanding of how to use RocketMQ for canary release and traffic staining, delayed message personalization, and the implementation of RocketMQ-based cloud-native operational transformation and other practical experience sharing.

Building a Better Kubernetes Ingress Controller#


Jintao Zhang, cloud native technologist, Apache APISIX committer, Kubernetes ingress-nginx reviewer, contributor of Containerd/Docker/Helm/Kubernetes/KIND and many other open source projects.

Topic Details#

This talk will share hands-on experience with Apache APISIX Ingress Controller and some application scenarios. This talk will give you a good understanding of the core features of Apache APISIX Ingress Controller and its ecology, as well as future plans for Apache APISIX Ingress Controller.

Construction of large-scale MQTT Service Cluster based on RocketMQ#


Xiuji, Senior Development engineer of Aliyun.

Topic Details#

Through this presentation, you can learn how to build a MQTT messaging model based on Apache RocketMQ and how to implement a super-large MQTT service cluster that supports millions of connections.

How to participate#

Scan the code to follow Apache APISIX's video account below and reserve your time for the live broadcast on December 26th.

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