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Webinar | Apache APISIX × Apache SkyWalking Online Meetup

· 2 min read

On October 23rd, the Apache APISIX community is joining forces with the Apache SkyWalking community to bring you an online sharing session.

Apache APISIX × Apache SkyWalking Meetup

Sharing Topics#

Introduction to Apache APISIX Observability#

Sharing Guests#

Haochao Zhuang, Apache APISIX Contributor, Apache SkyWalking Committer & PMC member.

Topic Details#

Apache APISIX has better observability capabilities than native Nginx, and will introduce the monitoring tools and capabilities that Apache APISIX already has. This session will introduce the monitoring tools and capabilities already available in Apache APISIX, and what enhancements have been made since the integration with Apache SkyWalking, and what new features will be added in the future. We are looking forward to seeing what sparks the Red and Blue (APISIX X SkyWalking) combination will bring.

End-to-end testing with Apache SkyWalking Infra E2E#

Sharing Guests#

Han Liu, Apache SkyWalking Committer & PMC member

Topic Details#

Nowadays, more and more projects are using end-to-end testing to automate functional testing, and this session focuses on SkyWalking-Infra-E2E framework and its implementation in Apache SkyWalking.

How Apache APISIX Ingress Controller is growing in the community#

Guest Speakers#

Wei Jin, Apache APISIX PMC, Apache SkyWalking Committer

Topic Details#

  1. Introducing the Apache APISIX Ingress Controller project
  2. New energy brought by joining the Apache community
  3. How the Apache APISIX Ingress Controller works in the community
  4. Welcome to the Apache APISIX community

License Eye - an open source software protocol tool#

Sharing Guests#

Zhenxu Ke, Apache SkyWalking PMC member, Apache Incubator PMC member and mentor

Topic Details#

This session will take Apache SkyWalking as an example, summarize the protocol issues that may be encountered during the operation of open source projects, and introduce in detail how to use License Eye, a tool for handling open source protocols.

How to participate#

👇👇👇👇 Scan the code to follow the video number and book this live broadcast. Apache APISIX wechat

See you live on Saturday, October 23rd at 14:00!