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Release Apache APISIX 2.7.0

· 2 min read

Apache APISIX 2.7.0 has been released!

Apache APISIX 2.7.0 has been released! Welcome to download and use it.

This version supports multi-language plugins, enhances the four-layer TCP proxy and Nginx configuration. More than 20 developers participated, and 70 plus pull requests have been submitted. The following is an introduction to the key features.

Release Notes#

Multi-language plugin#

With the release of the first version of apisix-java-plugin-runner, and apisix-go-plugin-runner completes its main functions, the multi-language plugin of Apache APISIX supports the two most widely used back-end programming languages. If you are still worried that the development of Apache APISIX plugin will be limited to Lua ecosystem, please try our multi-language plugin runner to develop Java / Go plugins.

Enhanced four-layer TCP proxy#

In version 2.7, we have developed new features of TCP proxy, including:

  • Allow domain name configuration in upstream
  • Allow mqtt-proxy plugin to configure domain name
  • Support for receiving TLS over TCP connections, the certificate of which can be dynamically configured just like HTTPS certificate
  • SNI-based route rules
  • Dynamic verification of client certificates

In future releases, we will continue to improve TCP proxy, so stay tuned!

Enhanced Nginx configuration#

We hope to dynamically set more and more Nginx configurations, so we add our own patches and Nginx C modules to enhance the native Nginx.

The following new features are currently included:

  • Dynamically set mTLS
  • Dynamically set client_max_body_size

In future releases, we will continue to allow the following Nginx configurations to be set dynamically:

  • upstream keepalive
  • gzip
  • real_ip
  • proxy_max_temp_file_size


Download Apache APISIX 2.7.0-Release